Essential Tips to Crack UPSC NDA Exam 2021

Essential Tips to Crack UPSC NDA Exam

The NDA exam is one of the most sought-after examinations in India. NDA stands for National Defense Academy and the UPSC NDA exam is the entrance test to get admission in the Indian Navy, Army, and Air Force of the NDA. The NDA exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission which serves as the gateway for candidates aspiring to join Defense Forces in India. It is an all-India level examination with lakhs of applications every year. This, in turn, gives a very clear indication of the stiff competition that aspirants have to face to be successful. 

 The exam is conducted two times in a year, NDA I and NDA II. NDA exam consists of a two-step selection process, first the written exam and then interview or personality test only after qualifying the written test. It is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country and hence a significant amount of preparation is necessary to crack the exam at one go. To help the candidates with their preparation, here we have listed a few of the essential tips to crack the NDA exam. 

 Understand the Syllabus and Study Accordingly

Understanding the UPSC NDA Syllabus is of immense importance in making the preparation rock solid. At the time of beginning the preparation, each of the candidates should carefully study the syllabus to ensure that none of the topics are skipped during preparation. This, in turn, makes sure that the preparation is complete for enhancing the score to a significant extent. Moreover, when the syllabus is known, prioritizing the topics of study becomes easier and the candidates can focus more on the topics they feel require more attention. 

 Understanding the Weightage of Every Topic

The candidates need to understand that in every competitive exam different topics have different weightage. Therefore, it becomes quite important to correctly analyze the weightage of every topic mentioned in the syllabus of the NDA exam. The topic in the syllabus that carries more weightage should be given more time during preparation. The candidates should focus on topics with more weightage than the ones with lower weightage to make their preparation firmer. Not doing so, the candidates might end up stressing on topics that are less important and skip the essential ones. So, it is recommended to write down all the topics with their weightage while preparing for the NDA exam and prepare accordingly.

 Analysis of Exam Pattern

To crack any of the competitive exams, it is of immense importance to rightly analyze the exam pattern. Similarly, an appropriate analysis of the NDA exam pattern would give the candidates a clearer idea about the exact exam pattern, thereby making it easier for them to crack. In addition to this, analyzing the exam pattern allows the candidates to know the level of the examination, marking scheme followed in the paper, and create the right strategies based on the time limit as well as the total number of questions in the paper.

 Practice Previous Years’ Exam Papers

One of the most vital steps to crack any competitive exams is to practice the previous years’ exam papers. Going through the previous years’ questions helps the candidates in rightly identifying the weaker areas that need more practice. In addition to this, the candidates gain mastery over the topics when they practice more. Most importantly, practicing previous years’ NDA question papers plays a vital role in improving speed as well as accuracy which is crucial to crack the exam.

 Following these tips mentioned above would make sure that each of the candidates can crack the exam on the first attempt. The tips also allow the candidates to understand the preparation steps they need to adhere to for great results. Ultimately, it is recommended to devote more time to the preparation and practice of mock test papers for a strong preparation to crack the NDA exam in the first attempt.

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